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Bingo: Not Just Your Grandmother’s Game Anymore

Bingo games are both familiar and exciting. You have your marker poised, waiting with bated breath for the last block you need. “B-12!” You jump up as the adrenaline flows because you just won the biggest pot of the night!
Now you can indulge yourself in not only the famous Four Corner game but in a whole myriad of variations of this much-loved standard. All you need is what you already possess—a computer with an Internet connection— a little bit of money for playing fees, which you willingly pay at your local bingo parlour.
Play for fun or play for the big-money pots and prizes; you’re rarely disappointed. Just the fun alone is worth playing!
Jackpots can range from a few pounds to thousands of pounds, dream vacations and more if you play online.
Play scratch cards or Bejewelled slot machines for additional fun.
Deposit bonuses, surprise gifts and jackpots like £5,000 sliding, £1,000 x 2 Guaranteed, £500 vouchers jackpot and more are waiting to be yours when you win.
Try 75-ball Bingo or 90-ball Bingo or several other games you know and love or want to learn. They are all there and waiting for your call of “BINGO!”

Best bingo in town

We have all heard about bingo. We have all even probably played bingo at least once in our lifetime. But did you know that bingo is a century old game? Early versions of the game started being played during the fourteenth century and from then on the game only gained momentum as a pastime and also as an educational game. It may not be easy to look at it that way right now but it was used to teach children vocabulary, both in their mother language and foreign languages as well, and even math. Even now variations of bingo are used in the classroom by foreign language teacher and elementary school teachers every day. But the game really took off as a gambling game and that’s how we know it the best. But bingo halls have quickly gained a reputation for being boring places filled with older people, which may not even be true. But definitely other forms of casino gambling took point in people’s minds as being more glamorous and, unfairly, more fun than the old game of bingo. But bingo got a second wind with online websites such as ladies 888 and is taking the online gambling world by storm and making a name for itself, once again, as a really fun game.