black jack

Blackjack is nowadays the most popular card game you will find in casinos. It comes with great online blackjack odds and a house edge that is quite small so we can clearly understand why people are being drawn towards playing blackjack. The problem is that few people know how blackjack should be played. Just as with any other game you do need to know strategy. Most new players are going to unwillingly offer the house an advantage that is around 4 times higher than it should be. This basically means that they are throwing away money. You should not be one of them so let us think about some basic facts that you need to know about blackjack before joining an online casino or going to play at a land based casino.

People believe that the goal of blackjack is to get as close as possible to a point value of 21 and not go over. The truth is that the real objective of this game is to beat your dealer. You can even win with a point value of 13 if the dealer busts. The problem is that all can become quite complicated especially when we think about the fact that at one blackjack table we can even have 7 players at once. The most important thing that you need to pay attention at the beginning of the game is the card that the dealer has face up. Always remember that you are playing against the dealer and not the other guys at the table. When it is up to you to act after receiving the cards you have 5 options:

  • Hit – Receive a card. You are allowed to receive as many cards as you want as long as you do not go over 21.
  • Stand – Pass your turn and stand on the point value that you have.
  • Split – In the event that your cards are a pair you can split them. You will thus play two hands and hit or stand on both of them separately. Since you play 2 hands now you will need to double the amount that you initially bet.
  • Surrender – This option allows you to get half of your bet back and just give up the hand. Although most casinos today do not have this possibility anymore, if you do find one you should play and consider surrendering. If the dealer has a face up card of 10 and your total is 16 there is a huge chance you will lose and should surrender.


The dealer will only play the hand after all players have played theirs. Dealers will hit until the total is 17 or higher. The good news for players is that the dealer cannot decide how to play based on what players have. There are strict rules that will always apply, this allowing for a lower house edge against gamblers. The results of any

blackjack game are:

  • Bust – You basically go over 21 and you lose even if the dealer will also bust.
  • Win/Lose – After the hands are finished you can either lose or win, of course.
  • Push – This is basically a tie.
  • Natural – This happens when you have an ace and a card that is worth 10 points from the start. This is the blackjack and you will be paid at a ratio of 3 to 2 immediately. You need to also remember that blackjack will beat another hand that has a point value of 21 made out of 3 or more cards.